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  • Safe, Fast Payments with Cygnus
    Accept payments with confidence knowing your customers’ data is protected.
    Secure, encrypted transactions make it fast and easy for more customers to pay in more ways.
    Find out how Cygnus can help you start accepting more payments today.
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  • State-of-the-Industry Solutions
    Develop a seamless point-of-sale experience for your customers..
    Whether your customers pay with credit, debit, EBT, gift cards, or a mobile device,
    put a solution in place that ensures you don’t turn away business.
  • Goodbye Swipe, Hello EMV
    Do you have a trusted partner you can turn to for all things EMV?
    Payments are changing, and navigating the shift to accept EMV chip cards is crucial. If you’re
    not on board with EMV, your business could be held liable for any fraud that is committed with a swipe.
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  • Business Doesn’t Sleep
    Running your business isn’t a 9-to-5 job. Find help when you need it with 24/7 support
    From engineers and payments experts who know the challenges you face and are waiting to help.
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Unmatched services and security

Fast, Safe Payments

State-of-the-Industry Security

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Branded Gift Cards

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Cygnus Develops and Implements Powerful Payment Solutions for:

Accept Any Payment Method

Cygnus can help you expand the number of payment methods you accept from credit, debit, and EBT to mobile and EMV so you can serve more customers, boost sales, and build profitable relationships that last.

Cygnus help in Shield yourbusiness from fraud


Solutions for any business

Why to choose us

Accept most payment types and card brands with high-speed approvals and instant transaction viewing.

Why to choose us

Benefit from our team’s industry-specific knowledge and years of experience helping hundreds of satisfied customers grow their businesses and take advantage of the latest payment technology available.

  • Convenient, seamless point-of-sale (POS) integration
  • Trained, expert support pros available 24/7
  • Lightning-quick card and mobile transactions to keep business moving
  • Security and customer data protection that increases trust
  • Transparent, easy-to-understand pricing with no hidden fees

As card issuers move to full EMV implementation, liability for fraud that is committed with a swipe will fall on business owners like you. Are you ready for this major shift in the way payments are accepted and processed?

Partner with Cygnus to make sure you have what it takes to keep your customers—and your business—safe from data breaches and credit fraud.

Build lasting relationships with customers and attract new business with stylish loyalty and gift cards. Customize a card for your business or add your brand to one of our stunning signature designs.

These sleek, cool loyalty and gift cards increase engagement, promote loyalty, and keep your business top of mind with customers. Putting a gift card in a customer’s wallet gives him or her more choices and buying power.

When a customer approaches, do you worry about how he or she will want to pay? It’s time to move beyond payment anxiety. Cygnus can help you expand the number of payment methods you accept—from credit, debit, and EBT to mobile and EMV—so you can serve more customers, boost sales, and build profitable relationships that last.

Your customers are important to you, and so is their security. Keep all payment data safe with state-of-the-industry security and encryption that protects you and your customers from fraud and misuse.

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