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Through years of experience, research, and hard work with trusted partners, Cygnus has developed a state-of-the-industry, secure payment framework. Now you can put it to work. How can Cygnus Payments help you serve your customers and reach your goals this year? We want to tell you! Reach out to us to discuss the challenges you face and what you want from your dream-payment solution. We’re ready to develop a customized payment system that works the way you want for your business and your valued customers. We pride ourselves on full transparency, so if you ever have a question about pricing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Expect no hidden fees and clear, informed explanations from our engineers and service staff whenever you call.

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Ready to accept new forms of payment? Have questions about EMV liability developments or other merchant issues making headlines? Whether you’re a small business, retail store, web developer, software pro, or value-added reseller, Cygnus’s highly trained support staff can help you find answers and optimize your in-store or online sales process.

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Knowledgeable payments experts and friendly, trained support staff are available by phone 24/7 to help you solve problems and keep your business moving forward. We’re standing by. Give us a call! (Cygnus phone number)

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